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    • Real-Time Tracking
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Our Premier SafeWatch360 GPS Tracking Platform is 100% custom-designed by us, right here in the USA, with specific input from Professional Investigators, Law Enforcement and Business Owners. SafeWatch has developed an affordable, user-friendly tracking system that is Easy-to-Use, Easy-to-See, and packed with Features to give you easy access to the information you need.

Top Choice for thousands of PI's, Law Enforcement and Businesses.

Easy-To-Use Tracking System

  • 100% Cloud-based System
  • 24/7 Access from Any Device
  • Google Maps
  • Real-Time updates
  • Alerts to Phone or Email
  • Geofence & Proximity Alerts
  • Up to 1 Year Tracking History
  • Route History & Tracing
  • Print/Export Reports
  • Sub-User Accounts
  • Device Sharing between Accounts

  • Real-Time Tracking

    View real-time data from your GPS device 24/7 with updates as low as every 10 seconds. View location, speed, alert history, routes, geofences and more using your web-browser, mobile phone or tablet.

  • APP for iOS & Android

    Our easy-to-use mobile APP is available for both Android and Apple iOS users and packed with features for viewing on-the-go. View multiple devices at once, set up geofences and change motion intervals easily.

  • Reports

    Easy-to-Read Reports with colored key events for easy identification. Choose from any of our pre-configured reports for quick access or create your own customizable report. Quickly print or download all your data.

  • Alert Notifications

    Receive instant alerts for key events like MOTION, GEOFENCES, PROXIMITY ALARMS and more via PUSH Notification, Text or Email.

  • 1 Year Tracking History

    View and access tracking history for up to 1 year. Tracking history and all data is downloadable for every customer.

  • Route History & Tracing

    Analyze and view route history in automated playback mode or in step-by-step sequence for detailed information of every route.

  • Motion Interval Changes

    Quickly change the motion update frequency of your GPS device from your APP, computer or tablet.

  • SubUser Accounts

    Quickly add unlimited SubUsers to your account. Add or remove desired devices and manage access.

  • Device Cloning / Sharing

    Clone/Share device viewing with other SafeWatch account users. Example: Investigators co-working cases.

  • Geofences/Perimeters

    Quickly create online boundaries, also known as Geofences or "Perimeters" with the click of a button. Receive instant notifications each time your device breaches the Perimeter (enter/exit) of the specified area.

  • Google Maps

    View devices on easy to see Google Maps with features like Street View, nearby businesses and satellite view to enhance your tracking. Get directions on the SafeWatch APP from your phone location to your GPS tracker.

  • Proximity Alerts

    Set a Proximity or distance alarm between devices to instantly receive alerts when devices have come together within that set proximity. Each of these Proximity events are stamped in your Reports for easy reference.

  • No-Hassle Service Swaps

    Deactivate a device for any reason and Activate or
    Re-Activate a different device at the same time and we will apply the remaining monthly service paid to the newly activated device at no additional charge.

  • Consolidated Billing

    For customers with multiple GPS devices, SafeWatch consolidates your Service Billing into one simple receipt for less paperwork making it easier to access for viewing or tax purposes.

  • Lifetime Device Warranty

    As long as your device is active with SafeWatch we will repair or replace your device free of charge. Including firmware updates, reprogramming, sim cards, gps chipsets, cellular modules & more.
    (Physical damage excluded.)