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For over 13 years SafeWatch has become the choice for individuals and professionals nationwide due to our exemplary customer service, easy-to-use GPS tracking platform and our speed and accessibility when customers need activations and assistance.

Our Premier SafeWatch360 GPS Tracking Platform was designed by us, here in the USA, with specific input from professional investigators, law enforcement officers and business owners. With that insight we developed a user-friendly tracking system that is not only easy-to-use and easy-to-see, but packed with features to give you the information you need with minimal effort.

Over the years we've listened to our customer's needs and have continued to innovate to create new products and GPS tracking solutions.

We have established relationships and work directly with the GPS device manufacturers and technicians to test new devices and firmware, work out bugs and ensure devices are as field-ready as possible before we offer them to you. We only sell the most reliable devices available so you can have the best experience possible.

Dependability, Reliability and the Ultimate in Customer Service are at your disposal at affordable pricing with SafeWatch.

Once you purchase your GPS device, we will provide you with an Activation site where you can go online and sign up for device Activation. The form will guide you through the steps. Once activated you will receive a confirmation email with your receipt, user guides and login credentials.

If you have other active GPS devices and want to use the same card on file, simply text, email or call us with your name and the last 6 digits of your IMEI and we can get you activated quickly. But you can use the form and select card on file as well!

Activations submitted during working hours are activated within minutes, but typically no longer than 1 hour. If submitted after hours(Eastern time) or on the weekends it could take a few hours to process.

Our GPS devices have full 4G/LTE North American coverage including United States, Canada & Mexico at no additional charge. As long as there is 4G/LTE signal your device(s) will work.

Should your GPS lose cellular signal temporarily or there is a "dead spot" the device will continue tracking and store the data.

Once the GPS reconnects to 4G/LTE service all data will be uploaded to our servers in chronological order of events.

Our devices are highly accurate and can read as close as 5-10 feet. However, it depends greatly on the signal quality any given device receives. For instance, if you are in a garage, building or other structure then obviously the signal will not be as accurate as it would out in the open. Most times you will not ever see a device off by more than 30-50 feet and typically once the GPS changes location that is corrected.

Absolutely. We will add your GPS devices to your existing account and you will be able to view them all in real-time individually or all at once on your screen.

Absolutely. Both for Android and iPhone. When you purchase your GPS you will be provided with instructions for downloading the APP for your phone or tablet.

We store your GPS data for 1 year on active devices. Also we give every user the ability to quickly print and/or download all reports to their computers for indefinite viewing.

We highly recommend all customers download their data prior to deactivating a device.

For legal Investigators and Law Enforcement many times we can perform a server scrub for a small fee to obtain older data in instances of criminal or critical investigations. Data retrieval from a server scrub cannot be guaranteed, but is often times retrieved.

As much as you like. When fully deactivated you pay nothing. If you will be reactivating your device at some point you may want to consider our Sleep Mode setting for a nominal fee which allows your account to remain intact and your device in a ready-state where all that is needed to reactivate is the click of a button.

In any event, you may activate and deactivate devices whenever you like as often as you like.

You may cancel service at any time with at least 7 days notification prior to the device renewal date. Simply shoot us a text, email or go to "Contact Us" on our website and send us a notification and we will cancel your service and deactivate your device.

Absolutely. SafeWatch has SLEEP MODE available for a nominal fee, which keeps your GPS device in a ready-state and your account in tact, with all your alerts, geofences and information stored and ready for use. When you are ready to reactivate the device it is simply the click of a button and your device is ready to go!

This saves you activation time.

Absolutely! GeoFences or Perimeters as we refer to them, are map "boundaries or zones" that you create with the click of your mouse in our online Tracking Platform on your computer or on our APP.

Customers can create custom names such as Home, Work, School, Church, Friend's House, or Unauthorized Areas.

When created the device will stamp each Entry and Exit of those areas in your reports. You may also choose to receive Alert Notifications of these events to your phone or email.

Yes. ALERTS are notifications from our system that inform the user of certain events that have taken place. ALERTS can be viewed either in our online Reports menu or on the APP. ALERTS can be sent via PUSH, Text or Email.

SafeWatch even has a unique feature where you set the Alert contact up once and then every device added to your account will automatically inherit the alert events you've set and automatically know to alert you.

YES! Our IFTA reports are automated and can be run on any almost any device for quick and easy fuel tax reporting saving you time and money!

Yes! Anywhere in the world you can access internet, wifi or data service you can view your GPS device(s) on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Unlimited access 24/7.

Absolutely. It is completely legal for any citizen to track his or her own property. As long as you own or have partial ownership in the vehicle or asset, or are the legal guardian or have specified consent.

SafeWatch supports only the legal use of the device and does not support, recommend or accept any responsibility for illegal use of a GPS device. Please check the laws in your area as state by state can vary.

Absolutely! Our servers are located at one of the highest security server stations in the USA with 24 hour security, climate control and multiple redundant back up systems. Your information is safe, private and secure.

Due to this redundancy we have experienced virtually no downtime on servers in over 12 years.

You will be given a personal login to your own secure portal in our tracking system. You can change your password at anytime and it is recommended for added security.