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MagPouch Battery Kit (USB-C)

MagPouch Battery Kit (USB-C)

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When a hard plastic battery case is not an option, try the SafeWatch MagPouch Extended Battery Kit. The SafeWatch custom-designed, weather-resistant pliable Ballistic Nylon Pouch has a waterproof zipper and protective flap allow for more applications than typical hard cases. 4 super-strong Neodymium Magnets sewn into back for easy attachment and secure grip. The super-charged Lithium-Ion extended battery gets 25% longer battery life than traditional extended batteries with up to 2 months of life. Included: MagPouch, extended battery, battery charger and 2 pouch-sized ZipLoc bags for extra moisture protection. Fits with LTE Micro Tracker(sold separately).

General Specifications

Dimensions:    3.65" (L) × 3.65" (W) × 1.75" (H)

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